Six Mile Staff Page

There's nothin' quite like serving at    MILE!


To learn more, contact us.. or apply for a position! We work hard, serve well, and have loads of fun.

All prospective staff for the 2021 season is required to fill out an application and walk through the hiring process. 

Fill out this form & submit...




...we'll be conducting interviews in February and March.

a note from Camp Owners Jonathan & Kristi:

If you have made it to this page, know we have been praying for our 2021 6 MILE Staff, and that just may include you! 

Please know that unity of spirit and purpose is very important to us. Our purpose for putting camps together is to spread the Truth & Love of Christ with campers & staffers, alike; so we will trust God's leadership to assemble a team which most closely reflects this vision.

We would be so honored if you would join us in praying for the team God is lining up.

staff volunteers

*References required; we provide a form with requested information.

staff volunteers
Caleb & Zack

assisting in the "long" trek from one track to the next..