Payments & Donations

To our beloved 6 Mile family, 

By now, you know we love serving all our patrons and our community in various capacities. Although we would love to offer every service for FREE, that just isn't possible! Among others, we incur expenses as we pay fees, seek to make our facilities the best they can be, make delicious menu & snack decisions, and donate of our time and facilities.

Over the last year, we have begun the process of closing in two of our previously screened cabins. We know that God wants to use 6 Mile to provide a place of solace for some of His hardest workers: pastors and missionaries, and their families. They are often over-worked, over-looked, and under-paid. We intend to eventually offer our cabins for as low a cost as possible in an effort to minister to these families. We are sharing this information in the form of an update, and to make you aware of our need: assistance through labor and financial support to get these cabins operational. Any donation to further this cause is much appreciated. For more details, please Contact Us.

Thank you, to our precious 6 Mile supporters who have PRAYED and SHOWN UP time and again, whether physically or financially. We look forward to all God does in and through us, together, here at 6 Mile!