Press Forward in the real Reality

John 18

This chapter begins the very serious downward slope toward our Savior’s torture, crucifixion, death, burial, and resurrection.

Somehow, all the ‘hard’ of it makes me dread the reminder.. i'm not proud of this reality, but i won’t pretend against it.

What stood out to me today was verse 36—Jesus’ response to Pilate that HIs kingdom is not of this world.

His response addressed a couple things:

  1. Pilate may not be able to fully understand His position.

  2. The jewish leaders’ accusations were secondary to what was REALLY happening.

  3. Jesus was moving ahead with the process, in order to accomplish His purpose in His kingdom.

  4. Spiritual reality is MORE IMPORTANT than temporary physical perceived reality.

Now, to apply these very real truths to our current circs/climate:

  1. Worldly leaders/people may not be able to fully understand our position in Christ.

  2. Accusations which come against God’s people for BEING God’s people will be secondary to the mission to which God has called us — SPREAD THE GOSPEL.

  3. We may be able to see the potential earthy-painful proverbial crucifixions ahead of us, but as Believers of the Lord Jesus Christ, it is our very high responsibility to follow through in faithful service of God, for the furthering of the Gospel and God’s kingdom (our purpose of witnessing the goodness of God and His Rescue Plan-Jesus).

  4. Nothing on this world which promises security, safety, comfort, convenience, or protection should be more real to us than the Spiritual purposes to which we’ve been called. Nothing. Not leaders, legislation, relationships, nor goals.

In verse 4, we read that ‘Jesus knew all that was going to happen.’

And yet He continued.

The only WAY He could do that was to keep His focus where it rightfully belonged: on Spiritual reality/God’s kingdom/the glory to come.

When i find myself...

...bogged down about “the way things are,”

...missing “the simplicity of days gone by,”

...facing “tribulations because of my faith,”

the only WAY i can move forward is to keep my focus where it rightfully belongs:

on Spiritual reality/God’s kingdom/the glory to come.

We just THINK we’ve seen ‘good times.’

Heaven, promised to those who accept God’s Son and commit to follow Him, is gonna blow our minds with peace that far surpasses any temporary-earthly-good-

day peace!

Keep Pressing!

Or START Pressing!

Let us know if you need to know HOW!