6 Mile Camp ∙ Retreat ∙ Venue

(We call it  6Mile, for short).

Located in rural Copiah County, Mississippi, we offer adaptable facilities for a wide range of activities and events.

We host kids' camps, and lease to organizations who need a place to host their kids' camps.

We host retreats, and lease to individuals/organizations who need a place to host their retreats.

We offer all the services and nice things necessary to host a beautiful wedding/event, 

and lease to those who simply need a venue for their special day.

Also, you can find our fully furnished cabin, called the 6 MILE Guest House on VRBO, and lease it for a getaway. It's always enjoyed by couples and families, alike.


While it is our desire to provide the location for your event, we most desire that individuals who come to 6 Mile would encounter the Creator of the Universe.

Whether you come to camp, retreat, spend your special day at one of our venue areas, or enjoy a getaway at the Guest House, it is our hope that you encounter Jesus.

*All events must adhere to our values and agree with Scripture.