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2092 Six Mile Rd.
Crystal Springs, MS 39059

Send a camper to camp, contribute to ministry costs, or help with renovation material costs!



If you made it to this page because you would like to give to our ministry, we thank you wholeheartedly for your interest in partnering with us!


Since 2018, we have worked, served, and sought the Lord for direction in what He wants for this place and our ministry. While we certainly do not have it all figured out, He has placed within us a passion to meet people of all ages where they are in life, encourage them with the Hope of Christ through the Gospel, and challenge them to persevere to their fullest potential spiritually, emotionally, mentally, relationally, and physically.

One thing we realized is that in order to carry out future ministry ideas, our facilities must be updated. In Spring 2021, through monetary & material donations and volunteer efforts, we were able to enclose and air condition all six of our bunk cabins; then, in the fall we enclosed our dining facility, the Mess Hall.

In 2022, we renovated our Guest House kitchen and bathrooms, began painting exteriors, completed construction on our two ministry cabins, installed air conditioning in the Mes Hall, enclosed the Theatre and Rec Hall, and various other updates.

In 2023, we hope to complete all major renovation projects.

We look forward to the ministry we'll get to experience in these beautiful facilities! Please pray with us and consider how you can best join our ministry efforts!


For more details or to make a plan to volunteer, email us (button below), call or text (phone number in the footer) or message us on social media.

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