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Staff Benefits

A few of the benefits of serving at 6 MILE...

Our staff experiences training inspired by decades of our Camp Directors' camp experiences. This training alone is invaluable to anyone who plans to serve in ministry, locally and around the world.

Our training covers areas like one-on-one evangelism, health and safety tips and care, how to handle emergency situations, and best practices for communicating with young people of differing life stages.

Along with top-quality training, as our staff serves camps, they'll be experiencing a camp curriculum by Forge, a world-renowned ministry whose mission is to make global kingdom impact with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The only other way to experience this is to buy a plane ticket and pay a camp tuition. We are offering this to our staff at no cost.

Our staff gets a few days away from home, hanging out with like-minded Believers of Jesus Christ. We all work diligently, but we also have no shortage of quality time resting and recharging between camps. The time with 6 MILE family is one of the greatest benefits of serving. And we eat good! Real good! At camp, the food is specially prepared--many items from scratch, everything well-seasoned. In between camps, 6 MILE Directors treat everyone out a time or two.

Then there's the coveted 6 MILE Staff shirts in four different colors, a snazzy cap, and stickers!

While this is a volunteer staff, the benefits are well beyond those received monetarily, and will equip our staff for ministry in daily life and special callings.

Go ahead and click that apply button, and see what the 6 MILE family is all about!

...come on and experience a camp like no other!

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